ruffle1 [ruf′əl]
ruffled, ruffling [ME ruffelen < ON or MLowG, as in LowG, ON hrufla, to scratch]
1. to take away the smoothness of; wrinkle; ripple [wind ruffling the water]
2. to gather into ruffles
3. to put ruffles on as trimming
4. to make (feathers, etc.) stand up in or as in a ruff, as a bird when frightened
5. to disturb, irritate, or annoy
6. to turn over (the pages of a book, etc.) rapidly
1. to become uneven, wrinkled, etc.
2. to become disturbed, irritated, etc.
1. a strip of cloth, lace, etc., gathered in pleats and puckers and used for trimming
2. something like this, as a bird's ruff
3. a disturbance; irritation
4. a break in surface smoothness; ripple
ruffle feathers or ruffle someone's feathers
Informal to disturb, irritate, or annoy (someone)
rufflier, ruffliest
ruffle2 [ruf′əl]
[also earlier ruff, prob. echoic]
a low, continuous beating of a drum, not so loud as a roll
vi., vt.
ruffled, ruffling
to beat (a drum, etc.) with a ruffle

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